Things to Consider before Choosing Wedding Reception Venues in Singapore

Things to Consider before Choosing Wedding Reception Venues in Singapore

Things to consider before choosing ideal venue for wedding reception in Singapore

Choosing a good restaurant in Singapore for wedding reception has fringe benefits including a friendly environment, tasty meals, excellent service, built-in décor, and plenty of tables and chairs. All of these included perks also mean a restaurant wedding comes with a wallet-friendly price tag, but couples need to consider some constraints and logistical specifics before booking venue space.

Here are 8 things you need to know before selecting wedding reception venues Singapore


If you’re planning a big reception, you’ll need to book the whole restaurant for the night. On the other hand, if you’re having a smaller wedding, you could rent a private room or a partial dining room instead. Usually, a restaurant would charge less for a partial reservation since it still accepts a benefit from outside company. Speak to the sales or event manager about the choices, and make sure you book a reservation several months in advance to prevent time conflict. If you’re not happy with the concept of sharing space with diners, be sure to clarify that your group will be the only patron at the restaurant.


The size of your party is not the only factor that will influence the cost of your restaurant rental. Other variables, such as date and time, will also lead to the overall price tag. Restaurants are generally the busiest on Friday and Saturday nights, which are also popular for wedding receptions. Since the dining room would have to close its doors to the patrons to accommodate a wedding weekend, it’s probably going to cost you more than if you booked a mid-week event. In the same way, most restaurants serve more customers at night, so a dinner reception is more expensive than a brunch or a lunch case. In either case, the restaurant would charge at least what it usually does in the evening when it is open for business, plus the expense of food and employees. However if you are concerned about the total price tag, note that restaurant weddings often save on rentals; because the venue already has chairs, tables, glassware, servers, bartenders, and linens, you won’t need to recruit additional vendors for these products or facilities. Best restaurants in Singapore like Cali believe in No venue charges, so guests will enjoy more benefits when they book by only paying for food and beverages. The classy restaurant in Singapore allocates a private area to host your event which will not be accessible to the general public.

Number of guests

Even if a bride and groom rents out the entire restaurant, there will still be limited space-especially if you have a seated reception instead of a standing one. Ask the manager how many guests can be comfortably accommodated, and make sure that the kitchen can prepare enough food for everyone in a timely manner. NJ group can accommodate groups of up to 120 guests at Relish and 60-80 guests at Cali for a sit-down, tapa, wine tasting or buffet events.


One of the main advantages of the restaurant reception: the room is completely furnished. Take some time to check the interior of the restaurant a few months before the wedding (preferably with the planner and the florist). If the aesthetic of the restaurant doesn’t fit your wedding theme, consider looking elsewhere instead. Most restaurants will allow you to make your own floral arrangements, linens, and additional decorations, but you should start preparing with the manager first. From personalised menus and wine pairings to flower arrangements, Cali assists you in planning the perfect event.

A la Carte

One of the greatest advantages of choosing a restaurant as your wedding location is the delicious food in Singapore. Ask the manager about various meal choices; although some places prefer a set or restricted menu, others will stick to their usual menu options. Don’t be afraid to be creative; if you both love Italian food and your restaurant is known to serve amazing homemade pasta, ask if you can have a family-style reception with several pasta dishes at each table. Parties of 10-18 guests can choose from la carte menu of Cali, while larger groups can choose from a range of set menus.

Guests’ Dietary Preferences or Allergy
If you know that a few of your guests may have food allergies or restricted dietary requirements, the chef at the restaurant is possibly in the best place to accommodate them with ease. Warn the chef any allergies or dietary limitations in advance, and ask whether they will make children’s meals if you have a lot of children at the group. If you are hosting at the best wedding reception venue in Singapore you have the option to choose from their healthier choice and special dietary menu.

The Cake

Dreaming of an elaborate, multi-tiered wedding cake? If you employ a bakery to make a confection, the restaurant will charge a slicing fee. Ask if the restaurant will offer dessert instead, or if they need to cooperate with the chosen provider. Although you can rest assured if you are hosting your reception at best private party venues Singapore as they will delight your guests with their mesmerizing desserts.

Entertainment choices

Just because you celebrate your wedding at a restaurant doesn’t mean you can’t have a dance party, either. Many restaurants encourage customers to move tables and chairs in order to create a temporary dance floor, as long as you meet any current noise regulations. As a drawback, however, you might not be able to bring a band or a DJ if you only reserved a portion of the restaurant.

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