Greetings Matter – Hospitality gestures of Best restaurant in Singapore – The era of customer delight and customer reviews

Greetings Matter – Hospitality gestures of Best restaurant in Singapore – The era of customer delight and customer reviews

Greetings Matter – Hospitality gestures of Best restaurant in Singapore – The era of customer delight and customer reviews

Just as people prefer to do business with people they like, customers go over to restaurants that provide them with the most pleasant experience. This is the oldest business advice in history. It’s straightforward, it’s common sense. Yet good restaurants in Singapore seemed to have forgotten: people are doing business with people they want.

Customer Appreciation Marketing is a modern concept that we use to describe an old approach. This isn’t a trick or the new magic bullet in marketing, it’s what’s needed. There are many good restaurants in Singapore competing in taste and providing delicious food in Singapore. But if it was all about offering tasty dishes the very concept of restaurants wouldn’t have come into existence. People would have easily ordered food online and enjoyed it in the solace of their homes.

Going out to eat in the best restaurant in Singapore is much beyond hunger or hunt for tasty food. Humans want a break from their bored, monotonous routines. They want to relax and respite from their stressful lives. They wish to move out from their houses and visit a place that not just tranquilizes them but also provides them a chance to forget about their lives hustles and rejoice with their friends or family. They wish to pop in a place where they are treated in a distinguished manner and served whole heartedly. They look for taste that is stewed with passion and innovation.

Restaurants had a habit of believing that they were more important than the consumer. The feeling that consumers were fortunate enough to dine with them and that the influx of customers would never stop was so commonplace that much of the industry did not know just how inverted that mentality was.

Remember when the owner of the restaurant used to walk from table to table, checking in on the guests? That’s been gone for a long time for the reasons described above and Coronavirus putting last nail in the coffin.  And how do you let your customers know that you love them again in this period of minimal interaction and engagement? After all it’s hard for them to get in contact with your smiling server when the smile is concealed behind a mask. In addition, their only contact with your restaurant could be through a DoorDash driver. One perfect way is to respond to their feedback.

Every restaurant should demonstrate that it cares and appreciates the input from its customers. Not everybody has a comprehensive email list or POS marketing tool that can be used for customer outreach, but every restaurant has feedback. And the reviewers are not nefarious villains that aim to destroy your reputation. They’re the clients.

Consider if you were standing at your door and a client left your restaurant telling you what a great meal he or she had, you’d probably thank them for their visit and compliments. If anyone was going to give you feedback on a dish or tell you that their experience wasn’t perfect, you’d want to listen to them and discuss ideas with them. But that’s exactly what people do when they leave online reviews, and most restaurants don’t respond. Right reactions turn a friendly reviewer into a friendship and an unfriendly reviewer into an opportunity.

On favorable feedback, thank them and invite them to make their next visit so that you can “thank them in person” or “suggest some additional dishes you know they’re going to enjoy.” Customers love the idea of getting venerable treatment. On bad reviews, thank them for their visit and input, discuss their concerns with curiosity, not defensiveness, and again, invite them to submit themselves on their next visit so that you can make sure that all is going well. You can see how this places the consumer at the heart of the matter.

For our new clients who have not replied to feedback, we would like to get back to the old reviewers and give answers that prove you paid attention to their comments and mention something that may be of interest to the consumer. “Since you said you’re an Asian food lover, you can try our spinach gravy with cottage cheese or how about a delightful mutton biryani to tickle your taste buds on your next family dinner with us. Let’s hope we’ll see you back soon and you can conveniently use this connection to order online before our dining room opens again.”

On negative feedback you avoided, go back and apologize for the delayed response, thank them for their visit, answer their questions and recommend some other “you’re sure they’re going to love” things. Respond to their feedback. Let them know like they’ve learned. Let them feel truly appreciated. Remember every review counts. Each customer is important.

Customers are seek for an unforgettable experience. They want to fix one restaurant which they could look up to whenever they are looking for best dinner places in Singapore, best lunch restaurants in Singapore or best romantic restaurants Singapore. They want to count upon on one restaurant that is the best corporate event venues Singapore, best restaurants for birthdays Singapore, best restaurants for anniversary Singapore or best private party venues Singapore. Cali not just concentrates on offering delicious food in Singapore but proffers hospitality at its best.

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