Community & NJ Food Delivery

Community & NJ Food Delivery

At NJ Food Delivery we exhort ourselves to offer and enable the best possible food delivery experience for our customers, employees, restaurants and partners. While at the same time, trying to ensure that that the communities we work with are safe. These guidelines are created and designed to help ensure that everyone who uses the NJ Food Delivery platform has a safe and positive experience.


Be courteous and respectful: Our feet on the street, namely our partner delivery riders are at the core and heart of our business. They pick up food from our restaurants and safely deliver it to your doorstep. Our only request is that you treat these wonderful folks / riders with respect. While at the same time if you come across anything unsavoury, we request that you report such behaviour that you find unprofessional to us directly by contacting Customer Support, to help us take appropriate action. We would like everyone who uses NJ Food Delivery to have a great experience, and being respectful to one another is the heart of this experience.

Please be alert and prompt: We send out constant communications regarding your delivery status. When you are in receipt of a notification that your rider has been dispatch and your food is on the way to you, please ensure that you are ready to receive and accept your order. This helps us by ensuring that our riders do not have to spend unwanted time when they can actually be out delivering food to other hungry customers like you. Further, we request that you use ‘Delivery notes’ at checkout to help us understand with a certain level of precision where you would like your food to be delivered to, so that the delivery partner / rider can home in your location with ease.

Fraud: Fraudulent activity damages the trust that we have built with our community and throws chaos into the system. BY any account committing fraud is a highly criminal offence. Be advised, we have kept in place a number of measures to monitor fraudulent activity from customers, as well as riders, restaurants and partners. If any account is found or suspected to be engaging in fraudulent activity, we will take action which may result in:

  • Deactivation of your NJ Food Delivery account; and/or
  • Escalation to the relevant authorities.

How we investigate potential infringement

If we are made aware of a customer who is acting in breach of these guidelines, we will investigate the issue prior to taking any action on the account. Such investigations and inquiries are steered by someone on our team, and our customers will be notified if and when we decide to take any action

NJ Food Delivery & COVID-19

It goes without saying that we have all been impacted one way or another by the entry of the coronavirus pandemic into our social lives. It makes going out to your favourite restaurants rather tough. However, you can still enjoy the food you love by dining and home and you can access the charm of a dinner made by passionate chefs and delivered safely to you.

Did you know that thanks to NJ Food Delivery, you can order online and pay safely with your preferred payment method and have it delivered at home contact-free?

Our ordering and contactless delivering works like this:

  • Place your order at your favourite restaurant
  • Pay online or in the NJ Food Delivery by selecting your preferred mode of  payment
  • Receive an email notification for the order confiramtion
  • As you go to receive your order, the delivery person will have stepped back at least 1.5 meters
  • Take delivery of your order inside and feast on your meal

All involved in this process – from riders to restaurants – work in a completely contactless manner.

This way, risks are minimized and you can enjoy your meal without apprehensions and from the safety of your home.