Is the whole family struggling to agree on which cuisine to choose for your takeout treat?

There are far too many delicious restaurants to pick from, making it incredibly difficult to choose just one delivery option. After constant negotiations and concessions someone always ends up being not too happy with the culinary decision for the night.

Which made us think, have you ever wished that instead you could order from multiple restaurants at the same time and avoid this difficult decision?

At last your wish has been granted, Scootr has the solution to this constant takeout-dilemma with a revolutionary delivery system. The RESTO CHEF portal allows customers to order from restaurants you love with a wide range of cuisines, flavours and tastes to satisfy all and ensure the entire family is happy with their meal. Order from any combination across a vast collection of restaurants which are held on the Scootr platform in just one simple order for true food discovery. It really is that easy and without a catch, Scootr delivers using a single driver straight to your door. This system is provided with no hidden fees and zero additional delivery costs, plus the added benefit that orders above $30 are eligible for free delivery which covers the full island of Singapore.

On the Scootr platform there is a list of ever-growing food providers to pick from which supply a wide culinary range. The current options to choose between comprise over twenty different restaurants which specialise in cuisines including Mexican, Italian, American, Indian, Spanish and Taiwanese. Get really adventurous and order a light Italian starter, bold Spanish main course then finish with a decadently sweet American dessert for a full international experience of food discovery!

Hungry for MORE choice?

If it wasn’t enough that Scootr delivers an array of amazing menus from local restaurants in a single order, then you’ll be pleased to learn that this is only one of the three pillars of food innovation to choose from. In combination with upgrading traditional restaurant takeout, Scootr has expanded the options of food delivery to now include access to freshly cooked dishes prepared by an authentic home chefs AND a roaming road truck which is a literal “Kitchen on Wheels”, preparing your food as it travels to you for incredible freshness and speedy delivery. 

The HOME CHEF opens up a world of delicacies to be experienced from small, independent kitchens looking to share their authentic culinary traditions. Enjoy native dishes which don’t make it onto typical restaurant menus and taste the true flavours which will transport your palate to another country whilst in the comfort of your own home. Family recipes are deeply personal with a homemade touch making them all the more delicious, dine on a truly home-cooked meal with all the convenience of Scootr delivery.

The third pillar of culinary exploration, ROAD CHEF, will in fact explore straight into your neighbourhood. Food is prepared as it’s delivered making the process extremely time efficient and as fresh as possible. The conventional food truck has been given an upgrade with no need to travel out to the van or find out where your favourite food truck will be today, instead order it straight to you and your food will be ready by the time it arrives. There are endless culinary delights to be found on Scootr so pick your option for today and order now!