Celebrating 10 Years

  • 05 Jan 2022
    Perfecting the art of fajitas and samosas

    Whether you're looking for a wrap to fill your hunger or a snack to have on a break, we've got you covered. We recommend trying our flavorful signature dish, Fajitas, when you're on the go. On the other hand, if you want something lighter...

  • 31 Dec 2021
    7 drinks at Pen & Inc for the thrill-seeker in you!

    Whether it's a casual meet or an occasion you are celebrating, a good drink to go with your food enhances the whole experience. Cocktails, wines, smoothies, mocktails, smoothies, healthy drinks like fruit punch and calamansi juice, iced-teas...

  • 31 Dec 2021
    Pen & Inc – Take a South-western food journey like no other!

    We want your meal at our restaurant to be a memorable experience that makes you come back for more, with each one promising to live up to your expectations. So here are the top pics from the plethora of mouth-watering dishes on the menu...

  • 31 Dec 2021
    Pen & Inc - For that epicurean à la carte delight

    At Pen & Inc is for the faculty and students alike. Each dish is created with unparalleled mastery. The Pen is perfect in ambiance and cuisines for the faculty, while Inc rejoices in delighting the student community with food that will hit...


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