Things to consider before choosing the birthday party venue Singapore

Things to consider before choosing the birthday party venue Singapore

Things to consider before choosing the birthday party venue Singapore

It can be hard to throw an extravagant party at home if you live in a tiny apartment in a big city. The 60 people you want to invite for a happy hour can not all fit into your congested living room. Fortunately, there are sleek restaurants and bars in major cities, to brook your burden.
Trust me, you can throw any kind of party at a restaurant or bar, whether it is a blowout 35th birthday bash or an intimate anniversary dinner Singapore in honor of your parents’ 40 years together. And without investing a lot, you can do it. It has only become easier to schedule a party.

Set out a plan

Start by thinking about the kind of event you want to have. What do you envision? Will it be a sit-down dinner on a Saturday night at 7 p.m. in a private room? Or do you want everyone to get together for a happy hour after work that continues into dinner and dancing later in the evening? Select a date and narrow down a theme for the special day. Before you contact any restaurants or bars, answer these questions.

Check it out

Get online and study potential restaurants and bars to host your event once you’ve found out the basic information. Check for restaurants that offer choice, if you want them in a private space. Look for restaurants that have wide communal tables if you want to host a less-casual gathering, for brunch and all. Look for bars that have several rooms and different seating areas if you want to be in a bar.

Discuss technicalities

Set up a meeting with the owner to review all of the event’s specifics during regular business hours. Ask permission for any outside food (like a cake) and decorations to be brought in. Can you place flowers in vases? If so, what time is it possible to get them there? You may not be able to carry your own taper candles into a restaurant, but you may be able to attach balloons to the back of each of the tables, so be prepared to compromise. Tell the team how many people you plan to come far in advance so that if necessary, they can staff an additional bartender.
If at all you are planning your birthday bash at the best restaurant for birthday in Singapore then there’d be less points to ponder. Whether you’re planning a birthday party, discreet dinner, business meeting, or wedding reception, njfoods catering and event service is simple: every occasion is individually designed to meet and exceed all expectations.
Their wide range of restaurant spaces in Singapore means you’ll easily find the ideal venue for your bespoke event in Singapore, and our experienced team will be delighted to help you organize and host it with finesse.

Sort out your menu

If you’re at a restaurant for dinner, collaborate with the chef to create a smaller, curated menu. This will be appreciated by the kitchen staff, as they will not have to make 20 different dishes all at once. Have a few family-style appetisers served; then let guests choose from three choices of salad/soup, entree, and dessert. Go all out with pairings of wine. Print the menus out or ask your restaurant contact if they will print them for you. There are good restaurants in Singapore who along with serving delicious food in Singapore serve healthier choice and special dietary menu including Keto meal, gluten-free and vegan food options. It is always better to plan your birthdays at such venues in Singapore for birthdays.

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