Best restaurant in Singapore for bridal shower will turn it into a memorable occasion

Best restaurant in Singapore for bridal shower will turn it into a memorable occasion

Best restaurant in Singapore for bridal shower will turn it into a memorable occasion

A good restaurant in Singapore is perfect for a wedding shower-it offers designer interiors, top-notch service, stellar food, and little or no cleaning on the part of the host. Not all venues are built on an equal basis, and there are some basics to keep in mind when deciding on your location. For advice on choosing the right location and throwing a fun event that runs smoothly, we would recommend Singapore’s best private party venue Singapore.

An illuminated party venue in Singapore

Because most wedding showers are held throughout the day, we suggest that you pick a restaurant with plenty of natural light. If you can’t find a place like this a room that has vivid, uplifting colors will do the trick as well.

Details matter

Small details make a huge difference in the flow and vibe of a gathering, so ask your venue planner a lot of questions. Check if the room is private or semi-private (if you have an especially boisterous party, opt for the former) and whether it’s cold or rainy, investigate whether or not the restaurant has a coat check. If you’re organizing a happy hour before the guests sit down for a meal, it is suggested asking how many people the room suits, standing versus sitting, to make sure they can fit comfortably while they’re sitting at the tables. Check just how many hours you can reserve the space and if you’re hoping to have guests contribute something to the menu-like a cake-confirm that the restaurant allows you to bring in outside food.

Guest count

It is advisable to seek guest confirmation at least three weeks in advance of your function. Restaurants inquire about the number of guests and even you’d want to have your guest list confirmed for other details you might need to prepare, like place cards and gifts.

Meal matching mood

To the most crucial part: the food! Your menu should be decided considering whether or not your shower is seated or standing, formal or non-formal. If you’re serving on post meal hours or offering a light bite station, make sure you select foods that are easy to pick up and consume, such as tea sandwiches, crostinis, diabolical eggs, mini quiches and fruit. If you’re having a sit-down meal but still want a casual feel, opt for light, family-style dishes such as salads, chicken or salmon. Or if you’re looking for something more formal, have a pre-set, multi-course menu. Ask the restaurant if it’s going to make special menu cards with the bride’s initials at the top (or print them yourself) and be sure to serve any of its favourite meals, desserts or beverages.

Add a Personal Touch

Restaurants are usually very welcoming and want to make your shower special, so they’re happy to work with you to customize the experience, such as making a signature cocktail. If you’re comfortable (or just busy), the restaurant can agree to take care of additional decor and flowers. If you’re a stickler sort, though, you’d like to bring in the flowers and decorate yourself, or work very closely with the restaurant to make sure they fit the aesthetics you’re looking for. Favors are a different place to customize. Personalized soaps, matchboxes, cookies, or some other sweet treat that the bride-to-be enjoys are all fantastic ideas.

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