NJ Group is a boutique food class that specialises in providing one of the best dining experiences (The NJ Dining Experience) to its patrons through a conceptualised and forward-looking modus operandi.


Being established in the colourful year of 1997, the company has since touched on numerous key areas of the Singapore F&B industry and even went on to be recognised (and certified) by a significant number of important government organisations such as the Health Promotion Board (HPB) and Enterprise Singapore (ESG).


This is done so with merely a few platforms under the wing of NJ Group. Although not covering every nooks and crannies of this little red dot, these eateries are planted at prominent locations from within the “island”: From the head at Changi Business Park (Cali, Park Avenue Changi) to the heart at Cali, Ascott Raffles Place and finally, the tail being situated at Bouna Vista (Cali, Park Avenue Rochester). To top it all off, the catering and event service is available for private events in any preferred venue.


Regardless of the settings, it is definite that any guest can expect a consistent (yet unique) sense of indulgence and belonging when it is stamped with the NJ Group seal of approval. This is also known as the ‘NJ Dining Experience’, from the method that the food was prepared to how it is served, no details were spared in the process of offering a dining experience that is second to none. This is not only for the sake of branding, but to touch on the emotional facet of any guests, through the unique and unforgettable experience.


One example of this is the adoption of COBIE, the Friendly Food Butler. Launched in 2017 in the humble branch of Cali, Park Avenue Rochester, this friendly droid serves the fusion of technological innovation and culinary satisfaction on a platter, to the guests on the table, and even in a hotel room (automated room service). It is noteworthy to mention that this helper was a sensation, and was featured extensively in various distinguished channels such as National Geographic, Primetime Asia, The Straits Times, Channel 8, as well as international coverage via Sky News Australia.


After all, the main objective of NJ Group is not only to provide good food and service but to continuously explore revolutionary ways in which guests are strapped in for every step of the culinary journey.


To further emphasise on this and looking at the NJ Group logo, it is made out of 4 E’s to represent the enthusiastic effort and energy to create enjoyable and easy experiences for everyone (customers, employees, and community) every day; A.K.A “Everything Easy for Everyone Everyday”


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy of NJ Group


Apart from the usual F&B operation, NJ Group has its paws on other areas of focus as well. As of recent, the firm has been initiating a handful of community work projects to touch base and build a stronger positive link with the society.


Other than being environmental centric with the use of recyclable items such as utensils and straws, NJ Group is stepping up beyond its call of duty with a charity effort in hopes to shed some light over those in need; The perfect time to give back to the community.


Henceforth, the company has been actively carrying out CSR initiatives as well as the inaugural ‘SGD$50.00 per day’ financial assistance funding effort to provide aid in charities, non-profit organisations and encourage local volunteering. With this, altruistic patrons of NJ Group are given the opportunity to not only donate the stated amount but any aggregate they wish to back this initiative (not tax-deductible and no tax is incurred on the donation). To make this credible, this social effort will be printed as an item in the receipt and registered in the company’s account.


The essence of the NJ Group’s CSR projects is to offer support to the people in need (on a global scale). Such sponsorship may include giving of material and financial support; in which the management decides on the ones that are considered appropriate upon assessment.


In regards to the eligibility, the assistance requirements are as such:

1) This CSR initiative is a global assistance that supports, but not limited to the following examples:
  • Old age assistance
  • Childcare assistance
  • Education assistance
  • Medical assistance (which includes medical fee and medical equipment)
  • Supporting Documents
2) The submission of supporting document(s) is mandatory. Filing of official documents (where applicable) such as but not limited to official receipts, doctor memo, etc…


Terms and Conditions

  • Donation funds are non-transferable.
  • Donation payout will be on a case by case basis after the assessment by NJ Group’s management.
  • Do note that official receipt must be provided to us as a form of supporting documents.
  • Please stay contactable through email or through your mobile after the submission of the application form.


Beneficiary who accept the assistance from NJ Group agrees to let the company share their stories on the company’s engagement platforms.



All in all, when a guest dines with any of NJ’s eateries, they are not just having a meal, but an experience. This is possible with the four-step model of: Observe -> Adapt -> Genuine -> Everlasting Relationship. Have a taste of it today!